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Approximately 1 year ago, I visited a Phoenix psychic named Jayna and paid $80 for a reading.I was looking for advice that might help me move forward from a painful divorce and perhaps obtain some reasons to look forward to a hopeful future.

I knew my ex would not come back but Jayna told me not to let go of him...that God wanted the union and he would be back. She said a few other things that offered me hope. She then offered a 'cleanse' for $250. Of course I gave the possibility of her predictions an entire year to produce some proof of her gift as a psychic but to no avail.

She offered only false hope.I believe her 'gift' is only that of a very good *** artist.

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I am so sorry you feel this way!!It was not my inentions to lead you on.

My predictions are very strong, You see your ex is embarresed and very shamefull and feels very sorry for what he has done. He does not want to bring his medical situation to you, you see he has been infected with several STD'S and does not want you to catch them. He has been lying with the Harlet that just lives two houses from you, But on the other hand you my dear need to lighten up and stop being so frigid!!!!

you see he wants you to be his fantasy woman as well as his wife, you need to let him jack off on your *** and you lick off the man juice!....and give in to anal you will be suprised at how good it can be!!!....let him give you a dirty sanchez, you will pass out from the extascy!!!!....don't be afraid of trying new things to spice up your life.Thank you so much my lovely dear.

Your advisor,


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